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We are privileged to have on board two lovely women, Annastasia Karen Raj and Manjula Joseph as part of our on-going series of the “Beautifully Bold” collaborative photoshoot. The series are a part of our sustainable initiative to work with models from diverse backgrounds.

Annastasia Karen Raj

Annastasia Karen Raj, 44 is a well accomplished Malaysian expat in China; leading talent acquisition and diversity in a multinational organisation. She represented Malaysia for race walking in the 1995 & 1996 Sea Games (winning Gold medals), Asian Track & Field, World Championships and the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta of which she was awarded the Olympian of the year by Malaysia’s King. Among others, she has broken the national record a whopping 13 times!

"I was a typical ‘kampung’ girl, grew up in a challenging environment but that did not stop me from having big dreams. Born pre-mature, my parents thought I’ll never make it. Grew up as an introvert due to insecurities but I always chose to believe that we are all born champions. There is definitely something special in you, he, she and me. We just need to dig in deep to ignite it.”

“You prioritise as you reach different phases of life. Due to my active involvement in sports, I had to work extra hard to prove my mantle in the corporate world. Upon marriage, I decided to focus on my career and in building a family. Being a mother of three children is handful but wonderful. It is a wholesome experience as long as you embrace it with loads positivity and courage."

Today, take time to decide on something that will make you happy and feel fulfilled. See it through despite the odds and while you’re at it, it is fine if they stop and stare.

Manjula Joseph

Manjula Joseph, 46 is a daughter, wife, mother and actress. She started her acting career in 2017 with the movie ‘Thirudathey Papa Thirudathey’ and immediately after was offered a role in ‘Venpa’. She has had steady offers for roles in movies and have been basking in some of her recent characters, which were challenging and significant. “I truly enjoyed my character in ‘Athaiyum Thaandi #Punithamaanathu’. I felt that I was just myself; a bubbly, passionate mother. In carrying out my characters, I usually try to live it. It makes the whole experience enjoyable.”

"It is never too late to start on something. I spent most of my 30’s juggling the demands of a home and attending to my three children; influencing them to pursue dreams and coaching them to excel in their education. But that does not mean that I give it all up. As things get more settled at home, pick up hobbies, pursue dreams that you once shelved and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.”

"I aspire to be an accomplished actress. I want to inspire other mid-age women  and prove that age is no barrier to realize dreams. Grab opportunities by the horn, dream big but do not be fixated by accomplishments and glamour. At the end of the day, there is a lot more than what meets the eye.”

Sarees : Thasselz Collection
Accessories : Ethnic Bazaar 
Makeup & Hairdo : Jastina MUA
MUA Assistant : Nithya MUA
Photography : TJ Studios Photography 
Talent : Annastasia Karen Raj & Manjula Joseph
Gemstones Bracelets : Hamsa Beads
Saree Skirts : Saree Flexi Skirt