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Beautifully Bold

We were privileged to have on board the mother and daughter duo; Sunthari Subramaniam & Habiraamie as part of our ongoing series of the ‘Beautifully Bold’ collaborative photoshoot. The series were a part of our sustainable initiative to work with models from diverse backgrounds.

Full of life, eluding charm, stylish, demure and candidly witty, both Sunthari Subramaniam and Habiraamie are an epitome of positivity. But, life has not always been cosy and easy. Unlike most victims of domestic violence, they believe in sharing their life story openly to create awareness and to negate taboos relating to single parenting.


“I am not just a survivor; I’m a warrior. I am thriving now and I want to share my story with other victims. It doesn’t matter if they are ready to take the next step or not … leaving could take years. But I want women to know that they are strong, that the abuse isn’t their fault and that anything is possible,” says Sunthari, the 45-year-old mother of two.


“People use the term ‘broken family’ but that’s a term I do not entirely believe in. The whole experience has taught me to be resilient and independent. I will never show my vulnerability because that is what abusive men feed on. It has also taught me to be aware of the masks that people sometimes wear. What gives me strength is my mother,” quips Habiraamie.

Saree - Thasselz Collection
Jewelry - Ethnic Bazaar
MUA - Shantiniglitz 
MU assistant - Kameles
Photography - Sivaraj Rengasamy