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Beautifully Bold

We are privileged to have on-board cancer survivors Vaishnavi Indran and Lavania Nagarajan for a photoshoot themed ‘Beautifully Bold’; a part of our sustainable initiative to work with a variety of models.

Vaishnavi Indran

Navi, as she’s fondly known to family and friends, is undergoing chemotherapy for metastatic breast cancer that has spread to her liver and backbone. She candidly documents her journey on Instagram, where she hopes to inspire others, particularly young adults, who are also navigating through the disease. “As much as I am determined to smile through this, it isn’t easy. There are days when I am really down, and I want others who are going through this to know that it isn’t going to be easy. You can’t be strong overnight, but with support you can grow strong.” 

Lavania Nagarajan

Lavania was born with a condition that required her to have a permanent colostomy bag. In 2015, during a visit to the doctors for her annual medication refill for her colostomy bag, they found three suspicious nodules. Doctors conducted a biopsy and results confirmed thyroid cancer. She went through an invasive surgery, had six sessions of radiation and in the process lost all her hair. Today, she is back to working a full-time and have started exploring her passion for photography, travel, and the outdoors. “I love spending time with my dogs, giving motivational speeches, and just soaking in the moment! I simply choose to live like there is no tomorrow!”

Saree - Thasselz Collection
Jewelry - Ethnic Bazaar
MUA - Rajavel Neelamekan
Photography - Rajasekaran Photography